So I have finally made it back to Bali. I was here once last year but was mostly on an island called Gili T which is quick becoming the party place to go in South East Asia these days. This time around I am trying to be more responsible and see more of the island of Bali rather than just being drunk 24/7. I started off in Seminyak before moving to Canggu which is a big expat hotspot and digital nomad place.


I have met some great people here…a lot of Germans! To get to see the area I have rented a hoverboard for the equivalent of about €5 per day which is super cheap. I have one when back at home from it-directory hoverboards Ireland store so I knew how to ride it already which was a big plus. There is a great surfing beach here and loads of beach clubs. I was surprised at how busy it was around here as I was always under the impression that this was the quiet part of the island…how wrong I was!

Next on my list is Ubud which I believe is a bit more chilled than Canggu and Seminyak so maybe I can get more work done over that direction. After that I will probably go back to Seminyak before heading over to Australia for a period of time. At some stage I need to book flights back to Ireland for a wedding in September so I have to keep that in the back of my mind! Then the basic plan is to come back to Australia for the remainder of the year and then I think I will stop traveling for a while and try become an adult haha!