Electric scooters have become the new praise in cities like San Fran and New York and it seems that Dublin is quickly following suit. San Fran is of course the tech capital of the world and you would expect all those thousands of tech employees to jump on board with this sort of technology available. Here in Ireland we are fast becoming the tech hub of Europe and the last year it has really been noticeable the amount of people on bikes and now electric scooters. As far as I am aware to drive an electric scooter here you need insurance and a drivers license but that is only because the law has not been updated for this new cool way of transport.

electric scooter commute

I can get into the city centre from my apartment beside UCD in about 12 minutes on my electric scooter in the mornings. There is not sitting in traffic, no pollution and lets be honest it is a really fun way to travel. I think people here are still a bit stand offish when it comes to the electric scooters as they can look a bit nerdy at times. But just like people were slow to pick upon the bike craze here and now the cool thing to do is to ride a bike to work and safe the environment.

The good thing about the electric scooter is that they are actually more affordable than a bike and obviously a lot more affordable than a car which I consider metal money pits with insurance, petrol, tax, NCT and that’s without any thing going wrong in the car. An Irish website are selling the electric scooters for under €500 which is definitely cheaper than a good bike here https://www.it-directory.ie/collections/electric-scooters-ireland. I would encourage anyone with a short enough to commute to check these out and save the planet man!