So for any of you who regularly read my posts you will notice that I recently posted that I am feeling home sick. This has quite obviously led me to want to move home and because of this I am looking at various business ideas I have along with of course getting a real job to support me. One of the ideas I have had for a while is starting an electric scooter business so I went ahead and not only bought a domain name but even went ahead and built my own website. I am selling a range of electric scooters and related accessories and it has been pretty slow to start as expected but it is really only a side project so I am not too disheartened yet.

electric scooter

I’ll take this time to plug my website¬† for anyone who may be interested in checking them out :). This hopefully will be the first business that will allow me to quit my job. The electric scooters seem to be a growing market and I know a few good supplies so already have a good business relationship from which I can draw experience on.

I am really looking forward to settling down and having something of my own. I want to save up to buy my own house soon and if I can manage that and run my electric scooter website then I would be pretty happy with my lot. If it doesn’t work out well then I can rent and work a job and it won’t be the end of the world.

Settling back into Irish life will be weird but I really can’t wait to see everyone again after yet another 6 months away. If anyone has recently moved back after a stint abroad it would be great to get some comments and advice on what was hard about it. Obviously the weather is an obvious one but it is coming into summer so that shouldn’t be a problem for the moment.