I bought an iPhon while in Thailand and save about €100 when compared with Ireland. One of the main reasons to buy a refurbished phone is to save money. When you want a new phone, however, the brand new cost is way above your budget, the next best thing is to buy a refurbished phone.

Three reasons why you should buy a refurbished phone

Bargain price

Refurbished phones are cheaper than the brand new price plus you are also getting a top quality product at a bargain price.

Good as new

Do not worry about the quality of refurbished iPhone.  will provide refurbished iPhone in top condition.

Get Warranty

When you buy refurbished iPhone from any store, you can be sure that you are getting your device with minimum 6 months warranty. The company only approves products for sale that meets all the standards of a top quality refurbished product.

Types of Refurbished Phones

For iPhones for sale Ireland, there are a few things you should know before buying.

Refurbished iPhone

All refurbished iPhone at phonesforsale.ie has six months left of the original Apple warranty. All refurbished iPhones are checked and verified by phonesforsale.ie experts to make sure they are of the highest quality with perfect software.

The refurbished iPhone also comes with an excellent physical condition, and although the earphones are not included, the package includes Lightning to USB charger.

CPO Refurbished iPhone

The full form of CPO stands for Certified Pre-Owned, which means that iPhone have come directly from Apple where they’ve been verified and certified officially.

They come in perfect condition, the physical appearance as well as the software which makes it difficult even for the experts to tell them apart from the refurbished to the brand new iPhone. It also comes with a full year Apple warranty, all the accessories and new battery included in an original box.