Big news! Before I get into this post I would like to announce to anyone who cares that I am returning to Australia next week..finally! I made the decision two weeks ago as I have felt I have wasted the last few months at home to be honest. Anyway that aside I went to London at the weekend to check out the new range of android 7.0 android TV boxes. They are getting faster and faster and finally they are putting in the hardware that should have been there from the start. The X92 box looks particularly powerful as it runs a 32GB hard drive and 3GB of RAM.

Also on display were the usual MXQ boxes (how are these still being sold..they are terrible) and the M8S boxes. I started selling these android boxes 3 years ago on and they are still being sold today which is crazy. I head to Australia on Sunday so will have more time to write a full post on where I will be living and my general plan over the next few months. My visa runs until Christmas and I am already dreading the return home.