My time in Sydney has come to an end and I really enjoyed this city. There is a great selection of bars and restaurants and there always seems to be something going on or something to do. I was slightly disappointed with the Opera House as I said in my first post but everything else has been great. The only other problem was that I didn’t get great weather but that’s life. I guess when coming to somewhere like Sydney you always expect it to be a sunny hot day but the reality is it does rain quite a bit from what I have been told (still nothing like Ireland!).

I never got to visit the famous blue mountains and another popular attraction is doing a tour of the vine yards which are about 1 hour from Sydney but as I don’t drink wine this didn’t interest me. I managed to get some surfing in down at Maroubra beach where the famous “Bra Boys” hang out who were a well known surf gang back in the 1990s. From here I will get a bus up to Byron bay where I will stay for 2 nights. It is a well known laid back surfer town and I look forward to getting out of Sydney and seeing a bit more of real Australia. From there I will get another bus to Surfers paradise which is a few hours up the coast from Byron Bay.

Oh one thing I did forget to mention is that my phone was stolen as well as my android box from the hostel so I have had to budget to get a new phone and I also got an android box online that was delivered to my hostel. I will update my blog in a few days when I get to Byron Bay. Wish me luck!