So after spending 4 long months at home living with my parents I was starting to go a bit mad. I am from Wicklow which is a small town near Dublin for those of you who do not know and there is not a whole lot to do there. Most of my friends have moved to Dublin, London or the USA so there was no one around in the evenings to hang out with. At the weekends I would usually make my way up to Dublin to hang out with my friends and I even managed to get 2 small trips to London which I will write about in a separate post. I would spend most of my days getting up and doing some work, then I would go to the gym for an hour or so and then back to work. After work I would be quite bored and found myself getting into bed as early as 9pm sometimes which is quite depressing!

In the middle of all this I done my road trip around the states which was great fun. It took 3 weeks and it lit a fire under me to go and get out of Wicklow again. I still had 6 months on my visa in Australia so as soon as I got back from the US I booked flights to Australia and within 2 weeks I was back out in Sydney. It all happened really fast but it was the best decision I have ever made. I am still over here and plan to do a fitness course which will give me a student visa. I also have a part time job in a shop selling android TV boxes. It is an Australian company and their website is for anyone who is interested…we are always looking for business. Until next time!