Like anything in this world you get what you pay for and the same goes for when shopping for a dash cam. The market has been flooded with dash cams of all price ranges and even the more affordable ones seem to do the same as the dash cameras going for several hundred euro…so what is the difference or is a dash cam a dash cam? Well the main purpose of getting a dash cam is to record high quality footage so you will have evidence in the unfortunate case of an incident. In this case you would bring the footage to the police or your insurance company with confidence knowing that you have everything you need on the incident. The dash cam is the best proof you have of what happened in an incident. There is no point having footage that is not clear or where you cannot read car number plates, road signs and other indicators or evidence.

This could lead you to be wrongly blamed or the footage you have not being able to be used as evidence due to the quality being too low. If you shop around you can get dash cams for as low as €39.99 from and they all the way up €500 or more so of course they do not do the same thing even if the spec looks reasonably similar. Now that is not to say that all sense goes out the window and you need to get the best of the best but you do need to get one that you can be confident with the quality of in case of an incident.

I recently changed my car and I am really protective of it as most people are when they get an expensive new car. The first thing I got was an air freshener and then I went and got a dash cam online in case anything happens to my baby. I think they are great for the price and definitely worth getting. What do you guys think?