So there has been some changes to my plans for the coming months for several reasons. I am currently in Australia and heading to New Zealand this weekend to visit from friends I made in Bali back in January. It is only a weekend trip but it should be good fun and as I have been to New Zealand before so I am not going to be too worried about doing the tourist activities as I have pretty much done everything I wanted to do during my 5 week trip there two years ago. So this is purely to catch up with friends.

I will then come back to Sydney until the end of April where I plan to go to Thailand for 3 weeks and do some chilling out. The reason I am going to Thailand is that it is much cheaper than Sydney obviously so I will save a lot more money there and can work away on my laptop without having to stress too much about money. From there I will have to return to Sydney as that is where my flight back to Ireland is booked from. That will then conclude my traveling for a while as I return home to visit friends and family. I plan to get my flights from flight centre using after pay which means you don’t have to pay it all up front.

In Thailand I just plan to relax as I have already been there on the same trip that I toured New Zealand on so this is purely just a holiday and a chance to save money whilst being able to stay in nice hotels and treat ourselves to nice restaurants without breaking the bank. One regret of my last trip to Thailand was that I have almost no photos as my phone was stolen so I have purchased a action camera from which was pretty cheap for what it is. I plan to take a lot of videos and will post a edited video of my trip as I go along on here.