I had a great 2 days at the White Sunday islands but I am absolutely exhausted and plan to take 1 or 2 nights here at Airlee beach to catch up on some sleep and recharge the batteries. Most people who visit the White Sundays will spend 2 days on a boat where they will go snorkeling, visit various islands and even learn how to sail. I opted to go for the island option as my friend gets sea sick quite a bit so this was the best option for us. In saying that I heard great things about staying over on the boat and a BBQ was had every night as well as drinks on board.

We stayed on the main island (the name escapes me for some reason!) and it was a nice resort. We had karaoke the first night and the second night we just chilled at the local bar. One thing I will say is that we only ate twice a day and the food portions were tiny so I definitely recommend bringing a bag of protein bars with you! I would also urge people to travel very light..I brought all of my gear and lost some stuff or else it was stolen. I lost my smart TV box from androidtvboxes.ie so that is something I am going to have to pick up and also lost my Irish sim card.

For the next two nights I will chill out in Airlee beach and then from here I will head north towards Townsville which is a small city in northern Queensland. I will update you guys when I can! Thanks