So I have spent the last 2 nights in Airlee beach after a grueling 15 hour bus journey from Brisbane. I have done several long bus journeys now and I think that has been the worst. The buses here are very good and have free WIFI as well as a USB charging port so you can charge and use your phone as you go along. I would recommend however getting an Aussie Sim card as for €39.99 you can get 8GB of data which is enough for most backpackers especially when you can use the WIFI in the hostels. This is one thing I would like to point out actually. The WIFI is not free in most hostels and is actually quite expensive especially considering it is fairly slow in most of the hostels I have been in. I don’t mind paying $1-2/day for WIFI but any more is just ripping people off and it should be of a decent speed.

Anyway from here I will get a boat out to the Whitsundays Islands where I will be for 2 days (I won’t have access to internet for those 2 days obviously) and we will go snorkeling as well as staying on an Island for the 2 nights. This is a must do trip for those of you coming to Australia and is one of the main things to do here as well as Fraser island and the great barrier reef. I lost my toothbrush on the way and kept missing shops to get one but luckily I have some teeth whitening strips that I got at home in Ireland so they have kind of helped the situation! Although I don’t want to get end up looking like a bushman so I need to get this sorted before I get my boat this evening.

I will write my report on how the next few days go when I am back in Airlee beach where I will stay for one night before heading north again. Hopefully I don’t get eaten by a shark!