I have returned to Australia and got a new Android TV Box

So after spending 4 long months at home living with my parents I was starting to go a bit mad. I am from Wicklow which is a small town near Dublin for those of you who do not know and there is not a whole lot to do there. Most of my friends have moved to Dublin, London or the USA so there was no one around in the evenings to hang out with. At the weekends I would usually make my way up to Dublin to hang out with my friends and I even managed to get 2 small trips to London which I will write about in a separate post. I would spend most of my days getting up and doing some work, then I would go to the gym for an hour or so and then back to work. After work I would be quite bored and found myself getting into bed as early as 9pm sometimes which is quite depressing!

In the middle of all this I done my road trip around the states which was great fun. It took 3 weeks and it lit a fire under me to go and get out of Wicklow again. I still had 6 months on my visa in Australia so as soon as I got back from the US I booked flights to Australia and within 2 weeks I was back out in Sydney. It all happened really fast but it was the best decision I have ever made. I am still over here and plan to do a fitness course which will give me a student visa. I also have a part time job in a shop selling android TV boxes. It is an Australian company and their website is www.androidtvaustralia.com for anyone who is interested…we are always looking for business. Until next time!

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Back from White sundays and got a Smart TV Box

I had a great 2 days at the White Sunday islands but I am absolutely exhausted and plan to take 1 or 2 nights here at Airlee beach to catch up on some sleep and recharge the batteries. Most people who visit the White Sundays will spend 2 days on a boat where they will go snorkeling, visit various islands and even learn how to sail. I opted to go for the island option as my friend gets sea sick quite a bit so this was the best option for us. In saying that I heard great things about staying over on the boat and a BBQ was had every night as well as drinks on board.

We stayed on the main island (the name escapes me for some reason!) and it was a nice resort. We had karaoke the first night and the second night we just chilled at the local bar. One thing I will say is that we only ate twice a day and the food portions were tiny so I definitely recommend bringing a bag of protein bars with you! I would also urge people to travel very light..I brought all of my gear and lost some stuff or else it was stolen. I lost my smart TV box from androidtvboxes.ie so that is something I am going to have to pick up and also lost my Irish sim card.

For the next two nights I will chill out in Airlee beach and then from here I will head north towards Townsville which is a small city in northern Queensland. I will update you guys when I can! Thanks


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Last Day in Sydney..Time to go up the coast!

My time in Sydney has come to an end and I really enjoyed this city. There is a great selection of bars and restaurants and there always seems to be something going on or something to do. I was slightly disappointed with the Opera House as I said in my first post but everything else has been great. The only other problem was that I didn’t get great weather but that’s life. I guess when coming to somewhere like Sydney you always expect it to be a sunny hot day but the reality is it does rain quite a bit from what I have been told (still nothing like Ireland!).

I never got to visit the famous blue mountains and another popular attraction is doing a tour of the vine yards which are about 1 hour from Sydney but as I don’t drink wine this didn’t interest me. I managed to get some surfing in down at Maroubra beach where the famous “Bra Boys” hang out who were a well known surf gang back in the 1990s. From here I will get a bus up to Byron bay where I will stay for 2 nights. It is a well known laid back surfer town and I look forward to getting out of Sydney and seeing a bit more of real Australia. From there I will get another bus to Surfers paradise which is a few hours up the coast from Byron Bay.

Oh one thing I did forget to mention is that my phone was stolen as well as my android box from the hostel so I have had to budget to get a new phone and I also got an android box online that was delivered to my hostel. I will update my blog in a few days when I get to Byron Bay. Wish me luck!



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First Stop…Sydney, Australia!

Like many of my fellow Irish men Australia has always been on my radar of places I want to visit over the net few years. Australia is one of the most popular places in the world to visit and it is probably top of the list with Irish people along with Canada in terms of doing a one year working holiday. Australia is filled with all types of natural beauty as well as cool cities including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Because it is such a well traveled destination there is already a route made for you in terms of traveling the east coast which is where most travelers go to do either from the top down from Cairns or the bottom up starting with Melbourne.

Being stubborn I decided to start in neither and instead I started in Sydney. I will spend 1 week in Sydney but that is only because I have relations there I want to visit but I would recommend doing 2 – 4 days in Sydney if possible as it is a cool city but you don’t want to take away too much from what you can see up the coast. In Sydney you have some great beaches of which Bondi is the most well known but there are also other beaches I recommend checking out including Coogee and Bronte. There is also a famous walk to be done from Coogee to Bondi which is about 6km’s in total.

Other things to see in Sydney are of course the Opera house which I found a bit disappointing. It is a lot smaller in person than I imagined but there is a great bar beside it which although expensive is great to take in the view of the city and the famous Sydney bridge. I stayed in a place called backpackers hostel in the middle of the city and it is pretty cool with plenty of partying to be done if that is what you are into! I am traveling pretty light and have a 15kg backpack with me as I plan to spend most of the time in shorts and tank tops. Other than that I have a few bits including my laptop of course and a dreambox that I got back home that allows me to watch Irish TV and keep up to date with the rugby back home.

So from Sydney I will get a bus up to Byron Bay where I will stay for 2 nights before heading on again to surfers paradise. My budget is about $70/day which is not a whole lot and the fact that I lost my phone the first night and had to get a refurbished iphone for €250 shipped out isn’t helping the situation! I will keep you guys up to date on what I get done here and in Byron soon! Thanks for reading.

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